ThetaHealing: Unmasking The Cult Of Deceit

Finally … it's time to unmask Vianna Stibal & ThetaHealing!

 Vianna Stibal soldiers.

Unmasking the ThetaHealing and Vianna Stibal deceit.

    “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered."

— Bible, Proverbs 11:9

A Vianna Stibal Soldier

    "… I am a devoted ThetaHealer. I work miracles and healings. You are the lowest lying scum on Earth for getting in the way of Vianna's work…"

— "noname" May 7, 2011

Unmasking the ThetaHealing and Vianna Stibal deceit.

    “Surely the hypocrites strive to deceive Allah, and He shall requite their deceit to them, and when they stand up to prayer they stand up sluggishly; they do it only to be seen of men and do not remember Allah save a little."

— Quran, The Women 4.142

Vianna Stibal: Healing of cancer not true!

The Foundation Lie:
Faking The Cancer Cure

    “In August of 1995 I was diagnosed with bone cancer; it was believed I had a tumor in my right femur. Every test the doctors performed showed the tumor, and a local bone specialist told me he had seen only two other cases like mine. He told me that amputation might be my only option if I wanted to live … He then sent me to the University of Utah for a biopsy … I was also told that I had only a couple of months to live … When my biopsy came back negative, the doctors were confused, since every MRI had shown the tumor. The bone revealed dead cells along with normal bone cells, so they sent the test results to the Mayo Clinic. This time it was determined I had Lymph Cancer, and I knew this to be truth … By this time my leg had physically shrunken … I knew God could heal in an instant … Leaving my space from my crown chakra, and praying to God, I then commanded a healing on myself, and as unbelievable as it may sound, it worked! My right leg, which had shrunken three inches shorter than my left leg, returned instantly to its normal size. The pain was removed, and my leg was healed. Today my femur is healthy, all test reports are normal, and I am free of Lymphatic cancer."

— Vianna Stibal, "Go Up and Work With God," p. 5-7. [Emphasis added.]

Unmasking the ThetaHealing and Vianna Stibal deceit.

    “A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity.”

— Baltasar Gracian, Spanish Philosopher


    This website unmasks lies and frauds that have been hatched by Vianna Stibal and incorporated into her ThetaHealing. Now, please take note: We are not hate filled or irrational. We do not advocate any set of beliefs. We do not defame any set of beliefs.

    To read the beginning information about the cult, visit the [ Introduction ] page. This front page will add to the incredible heap of injurious doctrines, frauds, and corruptions of the Stibal family business.

   After the updated material on this page has been seen, it will be placed on an interior page of [ Preposterous Claims ], [ Pernicious Lies ], [ Contributors ], or [ Victims of Vianna Stibal & ThetaHealing .]

BBC Exposes ThetaHealing Fraud

    Recently, the editor of this site, was contacted by a reporter for the BBC in preparation for their Nightline BBC program on ThetaHealing. BBC: Vianna Stibal fraud That program has aired and, naturally, the rave by ThetaHealing practitioners is that the BBC segment was flawed and biased against their religion. Not true. Questions that were asked about Vianna Stibal and her cult were fair and balanced. There was an honest effort to represent truth. However, the reporters (like any right-minded person) could not avoid the preposterous and genuinely harmful claims of the ThetaHealing empire.

    While we cannot know the details of the BBC reporter's information collection, it must have been so very easy to detect the overwhelming bias of Vianna's devoted followers — the practitioners. No matter the true science or facts presented, Vianna Stibal and her soldiers always return to their well practiced defense:

  • Vianna, on instructions from God, healed her own cancer.
  • Nearly any disease, discomfort, or ailment may be instantly healed simply by self-adjusting one's brainwave to a dominating theta form.
  • ThetaHealing is a name of the practice used to employ the healing founded by Vianna Stibal. The healing is not from Vianna Stibal or her practitioners but from God.
  • Science and religious leaders may declare Vianna to be a charlatan, but all of them are wrong. God, after all, has chosen Vianna. God dynamically speaks through Vianna.
  • And … above all … Vianna Stibal is untouchable! No matter her lies, thefts, frauds, or misdeeds, she is to be followed and believed unconditionally.
  • Further, the easy business opportunity provided through her is potentially vast — and so, the practitioners must defend the source of the gold! Where else can one without talent or education get tax-free cash.
                                                                                                                                To any rational person, the Stibal lies are conspicuous. To believe in Vianna Stibal or to practice ThetaHealing is idiocy at best; it is criminal at worst. They should be ashamed at their lack of care/responsibility for harming so many lives! But, they are not.

The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

    The BBC segment was never meant to be exhaustive in it's reporting. However, it did a very good job at giving the viewers a capsulization of the Vianna Stibal fraud as well as the blindness of her followers. In any case, follow this link to view the BBC Nightline segment, "The faith healers who claim they can cure cancer."

Give Vianna Stibal Your
Unconditional Love & Unquestioning Devotion
Or Get Her
Unconditional ThetaLawsuit

    — [ Editorial E033 ]

    Here is a peak into the "hip pocket" of Vianna Stibal. In case anyone defies her, she has this strategy well practiced and ready to go. If you do not agree or do not comply:
  1. Label you as a liar, hater, and anti-God.
  2. Have their sleazy attorney file a lawsuit against you and file it where there is little or no law enforcement, incompetent courts, and no criminal justice: The State of Idaho.
  3. Sue you for slander, libel, business interference, and fraud.
  4. Be certain that you have very little money to combat her and defend against her unconstitutional attacks.
  5. If you win the lawsuit, the Ms. Stibal will claim victory. She will never pay you a dime of your legal expenses or damages or anything ordered by her court.
  6. If you settle with her, she will claim victory. She will never pay you.
  7. If she wins, you will be drained of money and assets.
  8. In any event, Ms. Stibal's evil will dominate and you will be harassed and held up to public ridicule.
The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

The Accomplices To Evil

    — [ Editorial E032 ]

    How do the followers of Vianna Stibal handle the publicity of Vianna Stibal's frauds?

    Here are the problems for the followers to overcome.
  • Vianna Stibal never had cancer and lied about it.
  • She never cured the non-existent cancer.
  • She claimed to hold a Naturopathic Doctor degree.
  • She established a series of lies about the damage to her femur.
  • She legally attacks all who oppose her.
  • She never held a federally registered trademark for “ThetaHealing” – but sued a follower infringement anyway.
  • Rather than create original material, she plagarizes.
  • While claiming to respect religions and modalities, she delights in bashing them.
                                                                                                                                What are the responses and explanations by her followers?
The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

    Anyone who challenges Vianna Stibal or has a differing view:
  • Is evil.
  • Is filled with hate.
  • Holds no unconditional love.
  • Disbelieves the power of spiritual healing.
  • Has violated the contract of Guy Stibal and must be sued.
  • Must be repulsed and harassed by all of the theta community.
                                                                                                                                Furthermore, they say:
  • Vianna is only human.
  • Any defects in Vianna do not matter.
  • Vianna is a wonderful person.
  • Vianna is loving and caring.
  • The "proof of the pudding is in the eating" and her techniques are proven.
                                                                                                                                Absolutely no problems matter to the ThetaHealing addicts. God forbid that any catastrophe happens to one of their victims. If it does, they will never accept responsibility. Naturally, any problem resides with the beliefs and dedication of the client. And, payment will always be due to the Stibals.

Very strong legal … ENCOURAGEMENT !

    This is NOT legal counsel from a licensed attorney.
    This IS, however, very STRONG legal ENCOURAGEMENT !

    — [ Editorial E030 ]

    Let's go directly to the point … cut to the chase … get to the bottom line. Here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, we earnestly plead with you:

    If you have taken any paid course from Vianna Stibal or from any of her propagators known as "Practitioners," or "Teachers," or "ThetaHealing Masters,"Vianna Stibal: The two views. or "ThetaHealing Doctorates," or holders of a "Certificate of Science," or any other person such as Guy Stibal, or Joshua Lael Opfar, we strongly encourage you consult legal counsel and send them a formal demand letter for a refund.

    In doing so, you will be met with harsh and unrelenting refusal, counter attacks, and intimidations. You will be threatened. Vianna Stibal's "enforcer" is Guy Stibal. Both he and her attorneys will attempt to threaten and intimidate you. When (not "if") that occurs we vehemently urge you to exercise your rights and file a lawsuit for the recovery of all your damages … including damages as a result of fraud. At minimum, you are encouraged to file formal complaints to governmental agencies and law enforcement officers.

    Vianna will send an urgent email to all of her followers. She will encourage them to defend her truth and retaliate against you. You will receive emails and telephone calls accusing you of hate, lack of unconditional love, violation of your contract, encouraging a negative force in the universe, etc.

    Rise above this. Ignore the conduit established by Vianna Stibal that limits your private access to your God. She is not the pathway to your God. Pray directly to God and you will feel an urgency to remove yourself from the ThetaHealing cult.

Apply the law to Vianna Stibal.    Do your duty to humanity and to your God. Take action! Here is a starting point. This is the way United States Code can apply:

"(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully —

(1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact;

(2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or

(3) makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry;"

    — Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, § 1001, Statements or Entries Generally"

A Prime Example

    9/11 Terrorist attack; UFO's; Meteorite in 2578.

    — [ Article A015 ]

    A video was taken in Italy where Vianna Stibal appeared on a panel with several others. As you read her comments, observe the ease with which she handles and promotes lies. Also, take notice of your feelings of shock that anyone would promote themselves in such a degrading fashion. Look at her remarkable passion for deception and contempt for the intelligence of the audience. And, in doing so, join with us in an apology to the people of Italy.

The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

    The following is the transcription of her comments. Her lies are highlighted.

    "Ummm … I'm from Idaho, USA.

    I was supposed to teach when 9/11 … I was supposed to teach 9/12 right across the street from the Twin Towers. I missed it. I was supposed to fly out and teach.

    I had friends and clients that were in that building. I had friends and clients that told me how they went up and asked God and how they were led out of that building to safety. I Vianna Stibal: Cult leader.know them. I know the people in New York.

    It’s a pity that catastrophe can make people be kind to each other. Sometimes man is at his best when things are at their worst. I think that’s a habit we’re supposed to break in the next few years. I think that we need to be at our best all the time.

    I don’t know too much about aliens except that there’s aliens all the time in Idaho Falls. We see UFO's all the time in Idaho Falls. There’s a government site. There’s all kinds of things flying in the air at night. For fun when people come to Idaho Falls I take them to places where they can see the UFO's because that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that we are part of the creative force. That we are sparks of God and that we are here to learn how to be those sparks of God. To live the best we can. We can buy into paranoia and fear because some of us get bored because we’re sparks of God. But if we really concentrate by being the best that we can nothing is as important.

    People heal every day. People help each other every day and you are those people. You are. That’s why you’re here. For some silly bizarre reason you have a desire to help mankind. You are special no matter what happens 2012, 2011, 2010, 2500 … I mean try 2578. There’s supposed to be a meteorite that hits the earth. We will change that because we will be enlightened our minds will move things."

    — Vianna Stibal, "Tavola Rotunda, Suv 2012, Terza Parte," MyLife TV Events, Circa 11/10/2009. [Emphasis added.]

    There is no abundance of aliens in Idaho Falls, ID nor UFO's. There are no locations where they are easily and regularly observed. The "government site" to which she refers is simply aVianna Stibal: Fraud nuclear waste treatment facility, not an extravagant intelligence center for convening aliens. She does not take anyone on expeditions to see aliens or UFO's. She does, however, attempt to take listeners into her self aggrandizement.

    It is not only sad but also disgraceful that she uses the catastrophe of the murderous 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers to assert her importance. While we have no documentation or verification, it is very doubtful that she was scheduled to teach "right across the street from the Twin Towers." It is also doubtful that a God revealed that a meteorite will have a trajectory for Earth in 2578.

    As always, our subject is not to determine whether or not people have been helped by the ThetaHealing cult Practitioners and Teachers. It is whether or not Vianna Stibal has lied and is now lying. Can healthy fruit come from a rotten tree? Her followers believe so.

Vianna Stibal: An Open & Remorseless Liar

    She changes her cancer fantasy with every change in audience.
    Perhaps Ms. Stibal needs a memory healing to keep the lies straight.
    We think Ms. Stibal needs a moral compass change to keep
        her position before God straight.

    — [ Article A013 ]

    This is an evidence of Vianna Stibal's lie and her pattern.

    Watch her lie grow:

The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

    In the following references you will see how Ms. Stibal claims to have suffered a destruction to her right femur resulting from cancer and a biopsy. Contrary to her continued deceit, the results of all testing did not confirm the presence of any form of cancer at any location in her body at any time. For many years she has lied. For years she has suckered many innocent people into moving many hundreds of dollars from their check books into her bank account. And, worse yet, she has incubated cult followers who then sell her doctrines … no matter what. Do they care about lies? No. Not a bit.

    As you can see, her lie has changed. A new audience evokes a continuation and a growth of the lie.Vianna Stibal: Healing of cancer not true!

    The initial lie of Vianna Stibal (Lie Number 1) is the claim of cancer damage to her femur or any damage from her biopsy.

    In Lie Number 2, she says,

    " … Leaving my space from my crown chakra, and praying to God, I then commanded a healing on myself, and as unbelievable as it may sound, it worked! My right leg, which had shrunken three inches shorter than my left leg, returned instantly to its normal size. The pain was removed, and my leg was healed. Today my femur is healthy, all test reports are normal, and I am free of Lymphatic cancer."

    — Vianna Stibal, "Go Up And Seek God," p. 7 [Emphasis added.]

    Next, in Lie Number 3, she represents to the people in Australia a change in how much of her leg was "destroyed." Unlike her written account of a three inch bone length reduction, she tells her audience thet "a third" of her femur had been destroyed.

The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

    “ … Let me tell you about theta healing … I was given instantaneous healing on my leg. I had cancer. They didn’t know what kind of cancer I had at first. They told me I had bone cancer. They did x-rays and saw that a third of my femur was completely destroyed and they thought it was a tumor and they told me I was ‘gunna die. They told me they were going to amputate my leg and it would give me about three more months to live … "

    — Vianna Stibal, “What is Theta Healing? Founder Vianna Stibal explains at a conference in Sydney,”, January 13, 2010. [Emphasis added.]

    Memory dims, apparently, for Ms. Stibal as she gestures the length of her biopsy ravaged femur in a video. In this video, Lie Number 4, she illustrates a relative loss dimension of just over eight inches.

The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

    “ … they went in and did a biopsy on my bone and found out that I didn’t have bone cancer but that I had lymph cancer and at the time I didn’t have any insurance and I was poor and the biopsy had ended up shrinking my leg so after about six weeks it shrank … "

    — Vianna Stibal, "Bridging Heaven & Earth Show #242 with Vianna Stibal,", October 27, 2009.

    Next, is Lie Number 5. Here, Ms. Stibal shows her contempt for an Italian audience by showing them how much of her femur was destroyed. To them she illustrates a length of over nine inches.

The fraud of Vianna Stibal.

    " … I had a tumor and it destroyed this much of my femur …"

    — Vianna Stibal, ", ThetaHealing Day 2009," [Emphasis added.]

    The documented lies of Vianna Stibal are not new. They have been preached to audiences of the world for many months and many years. The first, and the most obvious sham, is her complete lack of truth. Both she and her staff are aware of her "discrepancies" and "mistatements." Yet, they remain anchored in their addiction to fame, self-aggrandizement and vanity.

    There are others who are co-perpetrators of the scam. They are conspirators. They are the ThetaHealing Practitioners, Teachers, Masters, Doctorates, and holders of Certificates of Science bestowed by Vianna. They know of the scams. They know of the worthlessness of her cult-religious rituals but they continue and expand. Why? Cash. Income. Business expansion.

    From all of them, we strongly recommend: Stay away.

    Seek God in reputable places. You do not need mechanical or meditative controls over selected brainwaves. You do not need a "technique" propounded by Vianna Stibal or her empire minions. What you need is prayer without the ridiculous and, yes, evil influences of Vianna.

    ThetaHealing doctrines are a contamination upon mankind. They are a criminally fraudulent basis of a true cult.

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